Cosmetics LK began its journey in 2007 as a mega-distributor of beauty and personal care brands. The company slowly started shifting away from distribution and into the production of its privately-owned brands with the founding of Probelle in 2013, the acquisition of Prolana in 2017, and the creation of Bonitaluxe in 2018. Today, Cosmetics LK’s sole focus lies in the production and distribution of its own brands and on identifying and acquiring unique beauty brands.

Stemming from its inception, “Cosmetics” represents the now emerging beauty category. The "L" and the "K" are the initials of the founder, Leon Kohn. By expanding the vision and aesthetics of the most desirable brands with consumer behavior, Cosmetics LK creates beauty and personal care brands, products, and experiences that build lasting engagement.


By creating and acquiring relevant beauty and personal care brands, we provide women and men the most aspirational, effective and innovative solutions.


We research consumer behaviors and insights to disrupt and innovate the beauty industry. We bring a new vision to collaborations with modern, relevant manufacturers and suppliers that allow us to exceed expectations.


We treat our partners, consumers and each other with respect and integrity. We embrace change and collaboration with passion and energy. Our focus is on creating long-term value with a strong emphasis on the consumer experience. We approach each product with an innovate, curious, and creative mind.