Face products and their use

If you are like us, you’ve heard everyone tell you“It’s important to keep a daily routine for your face.” or “use sunscreen every day” , how about “ use primer before your foundation” ?

Nowadays there are a lot of beauty products we "should" be using and new techniques, but what are those products and what do they actually do for us?

Don’t do it because they told you to, do it because you know what it is and what it does for you!

In this post, we would like to discuss the essentials and how they work.

Let’s start off with a primer, what’s a primer? A primer is the base for your foundation, it prepares your face for makeup. It helps makeup last longer. There’s a ton of different primers, oil free, color correcting, hydrating or mattifying primer.

How about the toner? What’s a toner, isn’t that part of a printer? Well, no. A skin toner actually refers to a lotion to clean the skin and reduce the appearance of pores. It removes dust and debris from your face.

Another skin products we’ve heard of a lot it’s a scrub. A facial scrub is not like a regular soap, it does clean your skin but it has small particles or beads to remove old skin cells also known as exfoliation. There’s a lot of different scrubs, you just have to try and see which one fits you the most.

Lastly, a facial mask. What is that? Do i get to (finally) wear a superhero mask? No, a face mask is a skin care treatment meant to hydrate, remove oil, and improve your pores. As always there are ton of options, anti stress mask, clay mask, avocado mask.

Good luck on your quest for the right product!