Great shaving tips for a better shaving experience!

Since father’s is coming up, we wanted to share some shaving tips for guys out there.

  • Shave in direction of hair growth: Start on the sides then mustache and last the chin area.
  • We suggest you use a lot of shaving cream to soften hairs in the chin area, since this are the toughest.
  • Don’t shave everyday: You want to avoid shaving rash and skin irritation. Remember every time you shave, you’re removing 2 layers of surface skin.
  • Wet your beard: Wet hair helps to avoid irritation or razor burns. The hair usually absorbs a lot of the water, which makes it weak and easier to cut.
  • Use a proper shaving cream: Don’t use creams that end up all foamy, you need a rich lather for your beard. The less foaming effect, the better. Leave the cream for a minute before starting to shave or cut.
  • Use a good quality razor and change the blades often: Make sure the blade is sharp, if blade becomes dull, its time to change it. We recommend changing the blade every 3 to 10 shaves.
  • Cleanse and soothe: After shaving the skin is very vulnerable, so its recommended to wash and moisturize the face.
  • Finish your routine with an after shave: Apply a good moisturizer after shaving, make sure you use men formulated products to avoid greasy residues.

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