How to take care of your color treated hair

Our hair is an essential part of our body, and like our skin, hair can also get sunburned. Hair is susceptible to changing and fading when exposed for long period of time. Even non treated hair suffer the consequences.

There are several agents that affect our hair, since it’s summer time let’s talk about the most common ones during this season. Better be safe than sorry!

The sun, we all love going to the beach and getting a good tan. But the UV rays damage the hair melanin. It can make the color turn lighter, and if your hair was treated it can change dramatically. The most affected are redheads, red being the most delicate color. To protect both your face and your hair, try to use hats or hair cover ups to avoid sun exposure.

Chlorine is the substance used to kill bacterias in the pool, and your hair is not safe from it! It’s bleach so imagine how it affects your hair color. It makes it dry and brittle. The most affected are blonde and gray colored hair. The chemicals used in pools make your hair look green and even shampoos can’t get rid of the color! We recommend to keep your hair up in a bun and avoid contact with water.

Lastly, salt water we all know it has great properties but for our hair is a big NO NO. The salt makes hair look duller when exposed for long periods of time. Wash your hair with a good conditioner after salt water exposure.

Take this into consideration and enjoy your summer the right way!

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