The struggle is real. We girls know how annoying is to have to shave/wax to be ready for summer, a night out a well deserved vacation or even hitting the gym. But which option is better? Shaving is the cheaper option, painless and easier. Waxing on the other hand is expensive and messy.

This debate has been around for a long time with no pronounced winner. So let’s discuss both options, and you can decide what’s best for you!

Professional waxing or at home waxing is best suited for your legs, arms and bikini area. According to research, waxing works better for people with thick and stubborn hair. If you wax, you’ll be hair free for approximately 2/3 weeks. Some places are more expensive than others but the average should be between 30$ and 100$ depending on the salon and the area you’re waxing.

One of the biggest cons for waxing is that you actually have to wait for your hair to grow to wax it again, so you have to be hairy for a while before going back to the salon. That’s a big NO NO for us.

Shaving is a painless, mess free process. It doesn’t work great for every area, for sure do not try remove your bikini area with a razor. This option works great for legs and underarms. Its a quick and easy process, but if the skin is not well moisturized it will cause burns, cuts or nicks. Since shaving just cuts the hair at the surface, the regrowth is pretty fast. You probably have to re-shave a few times per week.

One big plus is the cost. Razors and shaving creams are very affordable !

Both options have pros and cons but whatever your lifestyle is, be sure to pick the best option for you.