Wet Brush Wonders!

Last week i went to get a new haircut. When i got there, the first thing i saw was that every employee had the same brush. I wondered what’s that? I asked the hair dresser who was doing my hair what was the brand or the name of the brush. He told me: “Wet brush, it’s the best one. We all have it and i wouldn’t change it for anything.”

That got me thinking, maybe i needed the wet brush. We girls tend to want things we don’t actually need, but this guy gave me a list of pros of the wet brush. I had to buy it.

At first i was doubtful, how good can a brush be? I finally used my wet brush one day in the shower, i was so scared of feeling pain while brushing my wet hair. But to my surprise, the wet brush is a no pain, no tugging, no tangles brush! It slides through my hair so easily and effortless.

The brush is easy to grip and its built with IntelliFlex® bristles that are flexible for easy brushing. According to their website “its the only brush you’ll ever need”, and i think they might be right!

If you haven’t, you need to try the wet brush is amazing for wet and dry hair.