Bonitaluxe Pro Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner and Silicone Mat Handle

Bonitaluxe Pro Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner and Silicone Mat Handle

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Height 10.00
Width 12.00
Depth 12.00


  • SAVES TIME & FUN TO USE: Wash, Clean, Rinse & Dry makeup brushes in seconds for a through clean. Experts recommend a deep clean every 2-4 week to avoid bacteria accumulation and reduce the possibility of skin irritation, infections and acne buildup. Watching your brushes come back to life in 5 effortless steps is fun and rewarding!
  • WORKS IN 5 EASY STEPS: 1) Prep bowl 2) Soak Bristles 3) Clean 4) Rinse 5) Dry. Your brushes will be ready for use immediately! It’s that easy. For further detailed instructions see below or refer to instruction manual.
  • BEST GIFT EVER: We believe beauty comes from the inside out and so should your tools! We’ve designed the Bonitaluxe Rechargeable Makeup Brush Cleaner for all the BEAs that appreciate all things chic, luxurious and with purpose. If you are a BEA or have a BEA in your life, then this product is for you. BEA {pronounced BEE} is a mixture of both beauty and an amazing personality; someone that’s kind & caring, smart funny, has a good sense of humor, fun & easy to be around.
  • RECHARGEABLE & CONVENIENT STORAGE: No batteries needed, spinner fully charges in 2 hours and last 1 week. USB cable provided. Packaging designed to hold items in box securely and with purpose for long term use and convenient storage. Spinner is made of high quality ABS material, collars are made of 100% environmentally safe silicone.
  • WARRANTY: 1-year warranty guaranteed, if not fully satisfied, the Bonitaluxe customer service team is available to help meet your needs.


YOUR BRUSH BFF: The Bonitaluxe Rechargeable Makeup Brush Cleaner will make the laborious and tedious process of cleaning makeup brushes fast and fun! Brushes will be clean, dry and ready instantly! Professionals recommend thoroughly cleaning makeup brushes every 2 to 4 weeks.

TESTED AND DEVELOPED IN THE USA: The Bonitaluxe Rechargeable Makeup Brush cleaner was tested, developed and designed in the United States with natural and synthetic brushes using top 10 makeup cleaners. Results varied when cleaning solution was altered. For best results it’s important to acknowledge what type of makeup is on the brush. There will either be water-soluble makeup (powders) and non-soluble makeup (liquids like foundation). Typically, the following is recommended:

  • For water soluble makeup like powders or eye shadows an antibacterial soap is recommended
  • For non-soluble makeup like liquid foundation a makeup solution is recommended


PRO TIP: Please note that both makeup brushes and the rechargeable makeup brush cleaner are delicate. Carefully read and follow instructions before using. It is imperative to keep instructions for future reference. Consult the brush manufacture for recommended soap or solution needed to care and maintain makeup brushes.



SET UP SYSTEM: 1.Charge spinner 2.Fin the right collar 3.Add the spindle 4.Test power on/off, and speed settings 5.Assemble cleaning bowl INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: 1.Fill the bowl with water soap/solution 2.Soak the bristles 3.Cleaning cycle 4.Rinse cycle 5.Drying cycle