Tweezerman Ingrown hair/Splintertweeze Black

Tweezerman Ingrown hair/Splintertweeze Black

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SKU 13041-MG

Long pointed precision tips for easy accuracy to remove anything implanted under the skin.


  • Remove ingrown hairs, splinters or thorns with ultra-precision.
  • Removal is easy and pain-free with  tapered tips meticulous points.
  • Durable and easy to clean stainless steel.


Before tweezing, clean area with soap and water. Dip tweezer points in alcohol to sterilize, hold the splinter or thorn with needle points of the tweezer and pull it gently. After removal, use hydrogen peroxide to disinfect. To remove ingrown hairs, use one tip to separate the hair, then use both tips to hold hair, and pull gently.